Among the GIANTS of the sky

Bald Eagles

An adult Bald eagle 

I've been dreaming of seen eagles flying in the sky above my head, and now here I am among this majestic animal. Last weekend we drove to Squamish, a small town in the mountains of British Columbia not so far from Vancouver. Until the end of February is the perfect place to spot Bald Eagles due to the vast amount of salmons that from the ocean swim upstream along the majors rivers to get to their spawning grounds. An adult of Bald Eagle is easily recognized by the white head and the yellow beak.

An immature bald eagle

We spent the day walking along the rivers that from the high mountains are flowing through the valleys aiming down to the pacific ocean. Hundreds of eagle have been flying above our heads and from the high branches they have been looking at us passing by in their territories. 

An immature and an adult Eagle on a river shore

It is still unreal, sometimes, realizing to be living in a country where eagles are flying in the sky. A dream that came true, and goes on.