Slovenia section done!

Gorgeous Slovenia

 Complete Slovenian section of the Via Alpina

Complete Slovenian section of the Via Alpina

I arrived in Tarvisio last night after having completed the Slovenian section of the Via Alpina, which took the last 6 days. Slovenia has absolutely fascinated me, beautiful mountains and breathtaking valleys. The tracks we took were simply fantastic: lakes, rivers, tall peaks and thick forests.  This map is not exactly what we followed because some huts were still closed but the alternatives we chose were just as good if not better. I couldn't make use of the GPS since we've spent the last 6 days in between mountains, and its battery doesn't last more than a day. Tomorrow we'll set for the long awaited Carnic Crossing, following the CAI 403 track from Coccau to Paralba, to then head toward Forni di Sopra, where I'll finally be able to post some photos - I have already some thousands I think. I can't wait to climb to the Coglians peak, in memory of the good old times spent in Collina with my precious old friends.

Keep posted.

Life is awesome! :)