Among the GIANTS of the sky

Bald Eagles

An adult Bald eagle 

I've been dreaming of seen eagles flying in the sky above my head, and now here I am among this majestic animal. Last weekend we drove to Squamish, a small town in the mountains of British Columbia not so far from Vancouver. Until the end of February is the perfect place to spot Bald Eagles due to the vast amount of salmons that from the ocean swim upstream along the majors rivers to get to their spawning grounds. An adult of Bald Eagle is easily recognized by the white head and the yellow beak.

An immature bald eagle

We spent the day walking along the rivers that from the high mountains are flowing through the valleys aiming down to the pacific ocean. Hundreds of eagle have been flying above our heads and from the high branches they have been looking at us passing by in their territories. 

An immature and an adult Eagle on a river shore

It is still unreal, sometimes, realizing to be living in a country where eagles are flying in the sky. A dream that came true, and goes on. 


Some rest near the Baltic Sea

 Sunrise while walking toward Monte Paterno, in the natural park of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Sunrise while walking toward Monte Paterno, in the natural park of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

I have finally arrived in Germany. In the last month I've traversed an infinite myriad of mountains, one more astonishing than the other. What fascinated me the most is that every time I turned around, I could always see where I was coming from, where I left that very morning, or where I was few days before; recognizing the mountains rather than the peaks, the groups or the valleys. Looking forward instead, I found myself lost dreaming about which mountains I'd head to next. And so the next day I could recognize the path I spotted the night before at sunset, thinking to myself: "So this is where I should be crossing". A morning, after a night spent at the warmth of the W.Brenninger Biwak, I woke up to find myself in the middle of a snowstorm. Snow, on the 15th of July. An unexpected yet well received surprise for sure, like a child witnessing the sky full of snowflakes for the first time. It's exactly for this kind of reasons that I'm traversing the Alps, to feed that adventure hunger that makes me dream and be happy. Reaching Germany on foot has an additional value to me, as my Elisa is German. It made me feel good about myself, to have the ability and strength to have arrived this far on my own, relying completely on myself and nothing else. I'm not going to hide that at times it has been hard, but a quick glance around me is always enough to grant me strength to shatter any fear. I crossed a ton of different places, some are lonely, some are silent, some are wild, but others are loud, rich of tourism and crowded, enjoying every day and being grateful for always breathing fresh air, be it under the sun, in the midst of a thick fog, or being pushed by the wind and the rain. It has been a wonderful experience so far, and I can't wait to resume the journey to conquer Switzerland, its green valleys and white peaks. But first of all I'm going to enjoy resting a few more days in good company, in a place that reminds me of home. I'll be walking alone in the next months; Rose, my only walking companion, left some days ago to go back home in Australia. Whoever wishes to come along with me is very welcome, granted you have a backpack and some chocolate!

Viva la vida

Slovenia section done!

Gorgeous Slovenia

 Complete Slovenian section of the Via Alpina

Complete Slovenian section of the Via Alpina

I arrived in Tarvisio last night after having completed the Slovenian section of the Via Alpina, which took the last 6 days. Slovenia has absolutely fascinated me, beautiful mountains and breathtaking valleys. The tracks we took were simply fantastic: lakes, rivers, tall peaks and thick forests.  This map is not exactly what we followed because some huts were still closed but the alternatives we chose were just as good if not better. I couldn't make use of the GPS since we've spent the last 6 days in between mountains, and its battery doesn't last more than a day. Tomorrow we'll set for the long awaited Carnic Crossing, following the CAI 403 track from Coccau to Paralba, to then head toward Forni di Sopra, where I'll finally be able to post some photos - I have already some thousands I think. I can't wait to climb to the Coglians peak, in memory of the good old times spent in Collina with my precious old friends.

Keep posted.

Life is awesome! :)

Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th

The previous two days

 From G. Pellizzo Hut to Kobarid (Caporetto)

From G. Pellizzo Hut to Kobarid (Caporetto)

Link to Google Maps.

Monday morning, after some good rest at G. Pellizzo Hut, we headed to the Matajur peak to then descend until Caporetto (Kobarid in Slovenian). We decided to stop in there for the night, to then climb Mount Krn the next day. The info center confirmed the biwak located at the peak is open, so we woke up early and started walking toward it. Upon reaching the biwak, it was closed, ironically, so we head back to Kobarid, walking an ample ring as a result. A really long walk in fact, here's the result: 

 Long ring up and down Mount Krn

Long ring up and down Mount Krn

Link to Google Maps.

In hindsight, a really fulfilling walk, gorgeous landscapes and spectacular views, even through a little fog and clouds. This morning we reached Tolmin and tomorrow we'll leave for the Red path on the Via Alpina through the region of seven lakes and the Tricorno national park. In more or less a week we'll start on the majestic CAI 403 trail. I can't wait!

So far we achieved 85km in four days and over 5000m difference in altitude.

A good start I'd say!

Colors in a blue dark sky

After a good Storm there is always a perfect light

I love summer storms, i could stay there just listening to the sound of the rain and thunder.  Usually i'd be inside, looking out the window, dry and warm admire this amazing phenomenon. Soon i'll be outside most of the times, through valleys and mountains and even though i'm very fascinated by thunderstorms i gotta take care and find cover as soon as i can. You don't mess with the power of nature and you never stop learning from it. After a good storm the light that breaks through is simply amazing. Few sunbeams illuminate the blu sky and clouds creating something like this.. A good reason to be outside been amazed by nature.





It is now finally official: Via Alpina !!

It is now finally official: a new hiking adventure is about to start soon! 

The 3rd of June i will move the first steps on this new long hike that will take me through the 8 different countries of the Alpine region, Italy,of course, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and the Principality of Monaco. It is a network of 5 walking trails for a total of more than 5000km and around 342 day stages. Here is the link to the official page of the Via Alpina

At the beginning I will be hiking part of the Red and the Yellow trail, switching over during the first week, then once in Austria my path will follow the Red one all the way to Switzerland where I will start the Green across the whole country. Upon reaching the Mount Blanc my plan is to take the best of the Blue and the Red path until the Principality of Monaco. 

It will be around 3000km long and according to my calculations it will take 3 months and a half to complete - that is, if everything goes well and the weather allows, I usually have a good Karma :)

Smile at life and life will smile you back

On this Blog I will be publishing my progress along the hike, thoughts, photos, live videos, meetings and adventures. I am collaborating with a couple of magazines where i will be writing articles and posting some photos along the way.

Stay tuned !!