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Meeting Tommy laughing from one ear to the other will make you smile, listening to his stories will make your mind wander and looking at his pictures will make you dream. I met him for the first time three years ago, he was fascinated by the world around him, curious to see new places, with a little digital camera in his luggage. But inspired by the greatness of nature around him he soon started to see photography as his chance to transport the feeling of freedom and amazement. 

Born in the beautiful region Friuli Venezia Giulia in the north-east of Italy he grew up hiking, looking for fossils in the mountains, chasing shooting stars in the night and jumping with his friends from the cliffs into the Mediterranean sea. Although enjoying to play soccer and basketball when he grew up, he realized that his home was the trail. Running and hiking he reached some memorable goals, especially in Sky-running. The passion for this kind of sports is easily read in the big smile he wears while crossing fields and forests, mountains and rivers. 

The biggest step for living the dream of life with this happiness and passion, was leaving the beaten track and start a journey out of Europe. He left his job as a web developer in Udine and went Down Under. In New Zealand he worked on farms and traveled with tent and sleeping bag, always being a friend for everybody in need. Amazed by the generosity, diversity and especially wilderness of New Zealand’s landscape he started off to manage the big walk, crossing both the North and South Island from the northernmost to the southernmost point. The Te Araroa inspired him to live that freedom even in his future. To avoid his heart and soul being trapped between the skyscrapers of a city or at the desk of an office, he's flying free from mountain top to the next one. He shared a life with many friends travelling Australia and got stuck for a while in the attractively wild Kimberley region. Now he is back in Italy, but just to launch onto his next big adventure. 

His photos show places and people with whom he shares one important thing, to deeply believe: ’Life is awesome’. Ansel Adams once said, “You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” Tommy unites all his passion for people, good stories, acoustic music and literature and obviously the wilderness of nature and shoots the moments when not enough people seem to have noticed the astonishing beauty yet. 

He might not be the best photographer yet, but he definitely is one of the best learners with feet that will carry him far and eyes which are wide open to the beauty and the less seen aspects of our world. Tommy’s mind is always open for new things, ideas and questions, and happy to get to know you one day. Who knows, maybe you will be crossing one of his tracks or meet him in a mountain hut - just to give you a hint: next possibilities may be a hut in the Alps, or a camp next to a Canadian river … "


April 14 2016




Via Porta Ferrea 102
Fagagna (UD), 33034, Italy